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Next year’s class schedule will be posted by December 15 of the current year

A23 Shooting School is located in Central Arizona near Maricopa.  Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is the closest airport.

Once you are registered for a course, we will be happy to coordinate shipments

Yes.  Students must use either Frangible or Copper Plated Bullets.  NO Jacketed ammunition is allowed.

Students will be engaging steel targets at close range.  On impact, jacketed ammunition poses a serious risk of the jacket separating and deflecting back toward the shooter. Using Copper Plated bullets or Frangible bullets minimizes this risk. CCI Blazer in all calibers is an acceptable plated lead core bullet.

At least 2,500 rounds for the full course.   You will shoot 500-600 rounds-per-day during instruction and drills.

You can shoot any pistol caliber, but because of the high number of shots fired each day (around 500 shots) and frequent re-loads during drills, we recommend using 9mm with high-capacity magazines.

You will need a holster and at least 4 magazines for whichever pistol you use

Read Bill Roger’s book “Be Fast, Be Accurate, Be the Best”. A copy of the book will be sent to you upon registration. Practice the drills spelled out from pages 54 to 103. Pay particular attention to pages 76 and 102.

Do not arrive at the school and expect to do well if you cannot clearly see the front sight of your handgun instantly while pointing at a spot with both eyes open. Bifocal lenses will not work!

60 Days Notice:  If you cancel before 60 days of the start of a class, we will refund your deposit less a $20.00 processing fee.

30 – 60 Days Notice:   If you cancel between 30- and 60-days before the start of a class, we will apply the deposit one-time to another class.

Less than 30-days Notice:  There will be no refund for a cancellation less than 30 days before the start of a class unless we can find another student to fill your spot.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is the closest airport the range and school.

Anybody who can legally possess a firearm and who wants to improve their shooting skills.  Minors attending the course must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Students will be required to sign a waiver of liability/release of liability prior to attending training.

Yes.  You can make pistol, holster and magazine rental arrangements and place an ammunition order once you are registered for the course.

We rent Glock 17’s as the standard school gun.  If you need other arrangements, let us know when you register for the course.

Classes start at 08:00 and last until 17:00 each day.

Module R2 includes a night shoot that starts at dusk and ends at 21:00.

There is a 1-hour break for lunch each day and a morning and afternoon break.

Lunch is brought by students and not provided.

We have limited supplies of gear available, but it’s best to show up with all your gear ready to go.